Dr. Róbert FarkasProfessor

DVM (1976), PhD (1993), habilitation (1998), Dipl. EVPC (2004), DSc (2013)


E-mail: farkas.robert#univet.hu (# = @)

Phone: +361 478 4188

  • Courses

Parasitology (in Hungarian and in English)

Honey Bee Diseases (in Hungarian and in English)

Arthropod vectors and vector-borne pathogens of veterinary and public health importance in Europe (in Hungarian and English)

Parasitic zoonoses (in Hungarian and English)

  • Research topics

Vectors and vector-borne infection of domestic and wild animals

Traumatic myiasis of livestock

Ectoparasitoses of companion animals

Studies on the efficacy of insecticides and acaricides

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